My Favorite Japan by Prince Kochan's Production
My favorite Japan
Presented by Prince Kochan's Production

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PKP Old JR Hokuriku line from Imajo to Tsuruga.

Short trip from Imajo to Tsuruga through Old JR Hokuriku line.

PKP Hiking in Hakusan Ichirino Hot Spa Ski Resort

Hiking and a Hot spring can be enjoyed by day's trip.

PKP Natadera temple and Mt.Engyousan

Natadera temple is famous for its red leaves.

PKP "Bridges in the NOTO peninsula" painted by FUJII,Hajime

Artist FUJII,Hajime painted 12 bridges in the NOTO 1979.

PKP Sake the "SOGEN"

One of the most famous SAKE in Ishikawa prefecture is "SOGEN".

PKP SAKANE station

My family name is SAKANE. So,I went to this station.


This station is famous for its switchback.

PKP SAKANE Towns in Japan

There are many SAKANE towns in Japan.

PKP Steam Locomotive in Ishikawa prefecture

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