title of Cherry blossom
SAKURA(cherry blossom) in Kanazawa

The SAKURA(cherry blossom) has been celebrated for many centuries in Japan.
There are many dozens of cherry trees in Japan,and also in Kanazawa.
This web page introduces sakura in Kanazawa.

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Index of HANAMI(cherry blossom viewing) spots in Kanazawa

hanafuda hanafuda

List (Name)
(in the Japanese syllabic order)
List (Place)
(in the Japanese syllabic order)
My favorite 10 spots
Nice spots for picnic
Cherry blossom of schools

**** For viewing ****
wonderful --wonderful ! great! Please visit here!
great --beautiful!
good --If you have a chance,please visit here!
**** For picnic ****
for osanpo --Good for picnic.(It's a large garden or you can take a walk)
for osanpo --It's small for walking.
for osanpo --Cherry-blossoms by the roadside
**** For enkai,barbecue or drinking ****
for osanpo --Good for taking a lunch.
for enkai --You can drink alcoholic beverages.(maybe on permission)

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